F-Yeah! EXO Facts
EXO is a Chinese-South Korean boy band produced by SM Entertainment. Formed in 2011, the twelve members separated into two sub-groups: EXO-K and EXO-M promoting in South Korea and China.

This is a blog full of facts on both EXO-K and EXO-M. All facts are based on interviews, shows, articles, etc. Feel free to ask questions or submit facts of your own through the submit box only!!! Facts submitted through the ask will be deleted.

Please credit if you're taking facts out of the site.  This blog is a part of the EXO Directory.

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Anonymous whispered : Uhmm, I'm just wondering if you post this fact or rumor idk --> "When asked to give a number, Baekhyun likes saying 48 because this the number of ex-girlfriends he has had." I know it's kinda old but did you post it? Just wondering sorry .__. I

I’ve only posted that his favourite number is 48 and that he likes saying 48 when asked to give a number. I’ve never mentioned anything about the possible number of ex girlfriends so it’s most likely a rumour.


Hi everyone!

It’s just a small post to say that the new theme of the month is Splendid!
I haven’t finished tweaking it but it’s pretty much it :)
Thanks to everyone who voted as well!

But most importantly… How does everyone like Wolf? I know there’s been a mixed reaction but in my opinion, I kinda like it~ except for Kai’s hair. just no.

So what does everyone think? Yay or Nay?